Will the Sahara yoga retreat still happen with pandemic going on?

We started making the yoga and meditation retreats in the Moroccan desert back in 2011. This might be the first winter we can’t go to the dunes. Even in August we were optimistic that it might be possible but 2020 has taught us that change can happen very fast indeed. For the moment we haven’t […]

Overcoming Islamophobia by Travelling in Morocco

moroccan terrosits?

When I ask people who come on the retreats if they were warned against travelling in Morocco by their friends and family, almost every hand goes up. They are warned about the evils of terrorism, often accompanied by a lecture about how ‘evil’ Islam is, and presumably more Muslims by extension. Truthfully, some of the […]

The Surprising Power of Men’s Circles

Men’s circles are quite in fashion.  Groups of ordinary guys are coming together to talk about something other than sex and football and discovering that there’s a lot to say. In an authentic, trustful environment, men are learning to talk about issues that they’ve never been able to share before. I have to admit that […]

Where to find cheap yoga retreats and why are they so expensive?

cheap yoga retreat

I did a recent count of people I know who have become yoga teachers and I soon ran out of fingers. And who can blame them? Whereas most professions require years of study and practice, you can become a yoga teacher in the time it takes the moon to go around the earth. From China […]

Yoga for people who can’t be bothered to do it

book about yoga and travel

Yoga For People Who Can’t Be Bothered to Do It was actually the title of a book of travel stories that I once came across. The book was okay but it was the title that stuck with me. I’ve been making yoga since I was a child but truthfully, only about 3 minutes a day. […]

Cheap yoga retreats in Morocco

yoga retreat centre in Morocco

People sometimes ask us why we link to other yoga retreats and courses in Morocco? Aren’t they competition for us? Why would we send people looking to learn yoga somewhere else? Well, there’s a few reasons. For one, our yoga and meditation retreats are over for 2018 and though we run a yoga retreat in […]

Hotels, tents, camel treks or quad tours?

camel tour desert

The future of tourism in the Moroccan Sahara Desert is in doubt. For the most part, people visit the Erg Chebbi dunes near Merzouga to jump on a camel and be led out to tents in the dunes where their Berber guides will make the a tajine dinner, pots of sweet tea and a drum […]

Yoga retreats in the Sahara in Morocco – Black Friday Deal!

morocco yoga retreat in the sand

Black Friday is here and while you’re hunting for deals on electronics and clothes, why not take advantage of our deals on yoga and meditation retreats in Morocco? We’re delighted to be able to make you an offer we’re confident you won’t be able to refuse! The price of the retreats remains reassuringly the same […]

Contact Improv in Morocco

contact improv morocco

Where can you make contact improv in Morocco? People often ask us this after they come to one of our contact improv retreats in the Sahara Desert and plan to travel around Morocco afterwards and meet more dancers in the Ci community. Contact improvisation is pretty new in Morocco and has yet to achieve widespread […]

Will yoga heal your life?

Yoga is more in fashion now than it ever was. A steady yoga practice is purported to help you stay in shape, stay healthy, find peace of mind and is ‘a complete system for loving yourself.’ When Westerners first went to India they could hardly find anyone to teach them as the Indian yoga gurus […]

Animals and Insects of the Sahara Desert

sahara desert fox

One of the most frequent worries among people who are thinking to come out on the retreat in Morocco (apart from whether it’s safe to travel in Morocco regarding terrorist threats) is whether they’re safe from snakes, spiders or scorpions in the Sahara Desert. We’ve been running meditation and yoga retreats since 2011 in Morocco […]

A new location in the dunes for the retreat!

sahara camp erg chebbi

I’ve been running retreats in the Moroccan Sahara deep in the dunes of the Erg Chebbi since 2011. The first thing I noticed when I went to scout for  location were all the other tourists who flew to Morocco, drove 10 hours to the Sahara, jumped on a camel and spent one night in the […]

Sahara Desert Tours in Morocco – Camels and Camping

camel tour desert

You won’t have been in Marrakech for more than half an hour before someone stops you in the street and asks, ‘excuse me, desert excursion?’ If you so much as blink they’ll then show you photos of the camel tour of your dreams, the desert camp, the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara and the […]

A Holiday in Morocco – Travel or Tourism?

morocco tourists on holiday

So you’re planning your holiday in Morocco and you go a Morocco travel guide like the Lonely Planet and learn that: Morocco is the thrill of a hidden alley Morocco is a salty breeze Morocoo is the richness of the desert It seems unlikely many Moroccans would give these answers if they were asked what […]

The Sandiest Yoga Retreat in Morocco

yoga retreat morocco

Most of us in the Western world imagine yoga as something to be done in a studio with polished wooden floors with foam mats spread out and maybe even a wall-length mirror. But of course yoga got along fine for the last 7000 years or so without any of that. But these days when people […]

Can a retreat be without a dogma?

I created this retreat in part because we couldn’t find anything similar that I could go on. I looked around at the yoga retreats and meditation centre on offer in Morocco and in Europe and they were either way too expensive or else came with the tacit assumption that one would subscribe to their underlying […]

Retreats in Morocco, Lapland and Where Else?

retreat in finland

The retreats in Morocco that we run are all about personal growth. So what kind of example would we set if we weren’t also growing and changing? We began in 2011 with meditation retreats in the Sahara Desert and then starting expanding to include yoga retreats in Morocco with dance workshops, too. Then in 2015 […]

Is it safe to travel to Morocco? Yes..

moroccan terrosits?

Recently the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris have led many travellers and tourists to ask if it’s safe to travel to Morocco now. With the news full of the threat from IS and the refugee crisis pushing nationalist buttons all over Europe, it might not seem like the best moment to visit and Arabic country. […]

Things to do in Morocco?

morocco tourism

You know, you can organisa a great retreat that changes people’s lives, you can have an amazing location, you can make it cheaper than other retreats in Morocco, but if no one hears about it then none of that matters. A large part of my work in running the meditation, yoga and dance retreats in […]

The Joy of Dance on the Sahara Retreat

dance retreat in merzouga, morocco

When most people think of a dance retreat they probably imagine teams of choreographed dancers going through a complicated kinetic routine. Or else everyone dressed up in traditional clothes doing circle dances with their hands on their hips. The dance retreat in Morocco this January is a bit different. Imagine dance as a form of […]