Will yoga heal your life?

Yoga is more in fashion now than it ever was.

A steady yoga practice is purported to help you stay in shape, stay healthy, find peace of mind and is ‘a complete system for loving yourself.’

When Westerners first went to India they could hardly find anyone to teach them as the Indian yoga gurus were sure that the bright-eyed visitors would soon turn yoga into an industry. Sure enough, yoga has become big business but does that matter if it really helps people?

So will going on a yoga retreat in Morocco or anywhere else heal your life?

Of course not. Stretching, watching your breath, chanting mantras – these are all just tools. They may help you along your path but yoga isn’t a magic formula. For some yoga can have a placebo effect that makes them feel that all their problems are dissolving along with their stiffness but soon enough the same conflicts reappear.

In a world where spirituality is for sale it’s tempting to think that the next yoga retreat, the next detox diet, the next self-help book will change everything. But they can’t. Only you can change everything. Only you know what you have to overcome, what steps you need to take.

On the Road Junky Sahara retreat we give a space for you to do that. There are no phones ringing, no internet, no distractions. There’s nowhere to hide. But you’re not alone. There are 20 others just like you, working through their own stuff at their own pace. The yoga, meditation and dance workshops are there to give structure to the day and tools to help start the process but it’s you who does the work.

And we have fun. Lots of fun. Laughter is the basis for not taking yourself or yoga too seriously. And that’s where spirituality begins.