Yoga retreats in the Sahara in Morocco – Black Friday Deal!

Black Friday is here and while you’re hunting for deals on electronics and clothes, why not take advantage of our deals on yoga and meditation retreats in Morocco?

morocco yoga retreat in the sand

We’re delighted to be able to make you an offer we’re confident you won’t be able to refuse!

The price of the retreats remains reassuringly the same but book today and we’ll throw in all the sand you can carry with you.  That’s right! Fill your pockets, your backpacks, your socks, your nostrils and ears with countless grains of sand from the Sahara Desert.

In fact, come on the retreat and you will take advantage of the deal whether you book today or not. You simply won’t be able to help yourself bringing some of the Sahara home with you. For months afterwards you’ll be finding free gifts in your shoes, your wallet, your toothbrush…