Contact Improv in Morocco

Where can you make contact improv in Morocco?

People often ask us this after they come to one of our contact improv retreats in the Sahara Desert and plan to travel around Morocco afterwards and meet more dancers in the Ci community.

Contact improvisation is pretty new in Morocco and has yet to achieve widespread cultural acceptance as to most Moroccans it looks like crazy sexual foreplay. This is a country where it’s still illegal to share a hotel room with someone of the opposite sex unless you’re married or family.

Nonetheless contact improv groups and jams are beginning to sprout up here or there and with a bit of looking around you might find somewhere to dance after the retreat.

Intjal on Facebook run regular contact sessions in Casablanca and hold other CI events around the country.

Here you can read about Nezha Rhondali’s journey to bring contact improv to Morocco.

There’s also a contact improvisation Morocco page on Facebook though it seems to have gone dormant – maybe it will come back to life or at least the admins can answer your questions.

And apart from that there’s our retreat which usually combines the contact improvisation workshops with meditation and aikido in the sand dunes of the Sahara.

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