How do you get there?

You need to buy your own flight to Morocco and perferably to Marrakech (although it is possible to fly into Fes or even Agadir or Casablanca). From there you catch a bus all the way to Merzouga in the desert where we will meet you on the Sunday evening.

For travel info about Morocco in general check out  Wikitravel for starters and see our Morocco travel tips, too.

Budget Flights

You can get a return flight to Morocco for around 100 euros from most places in Europe and sometimes cheaper than that.

Ryanair fly to Marrakesh or Fes from Alicante, Bologna,  Brussels (Charleroi), Dusseldorf (Weeze),  Eindhoven, Frankfurt-Hahn, Girona (Barcelona), London (Luton), Madrid, Marseille, Milan (Bergamo), Paris Beauvais, Pisa, Porto, Reus (Barcelona), Rome (Ciampino), Seville and Valencia

And Easyjet fly to Marrakesh from London Gatwick, Manchester, Milan, Lyon, Freiburg, Geneva and Paris.

And Easyjet also fly to Agadir from London, Lyon, Paris and Berlin.

The easiest way to look for a flight is to use or Google Flights.

If you don’t see a direct cheap flight consider flying via London, Milan or Basel – you’ll probably find a combination of Ryanair, Wizzair and Easyjet solutions. If you really can’t find a cheap flight to Morocco write to us and we’ll see what we can find!

Alternatively you can go overland and catch the ferry from Spain to Morocco and then take trains or buses south to Marrakech.

By When Should You Get to Morocco?

Most of the group travels together by bus with the Supratours company from Marrakech to the desert on the Sunday morning. You should book your bus ticket to the desert online here (it’s in French but we’ll make a screenshot guide for how to book soon!).

Just book the outward ticket – you can get the return ticket when you’re in the desert village.

The bus takes about 11 hours and there’s only one a day that leaves at 0800. So to be on time for the retreat you need to arrive in Marrakech on the Saturday before the retreat begins. That means you should arrive by the following dates:

for the February retreat by Saturday 12th February

When the retreat is over you can catch a night bus back from the desert the following Saturday.  It arrives to Marrakech about 0700-0800 the next morning.  So the earliest you can fly out again is from about 1100 on the Sunday after the retreat.   Thus you could book your return flight for the following dates:

for the February retreat on Sunday the 20th February

However, if you fly to Fes (instead of Marrakech)  you could  instead catch a night bus on the Saturday to Rissani and from there take a taxi to Hassalbied to meet us before walking out to the dunes. You could even catch the night bus on the Sunday and catch up with us on the Monday morning before we walk out into the dunes.

[it is also possible to catch a night bus from Marrakech to the desert but it involves a few changes so it’s better to come in the day]

On the Monday morning we’ll put our bags on the camels and then walk out an hour and a half to our camp in the dunes.

And here’s some info about hotels in Marrakech!

[if you can only find a return flight early on Sunday morning it is also possible to take a taxi back to Marrakech on the Saturday afternoon after the retreat and share it with others from the retreat. You would arrive around midnight..]