A week of yoga, meditation and dance in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

Once again we’ll be going out with 20 travellers into the Sahara Desert in Morocco for a week of storytelling, music, yoga and meditation under the desert sky.

The retreats are open to everyone regardless of how much experience you have. It’s a friendly, inspiring environment where everyone can make the most of the  yoga, meditation and dance workshops at their own pace and rhythm. We sing around the fire, we tell stories and we have a lot of fun.

The Sahara retreat in Morocco will cost 595 euros which includes everything from when we meet up on the Sunday evening until we say our farewells on the Saturday afternoon.

The retreats are free of dogma or spiritual teaching – rather we provide a space where you can work on yourself in your own tempo in a supportive group setting. You don’t have to believe in anything to attend – just come along with an open heart and a healthy sense of curiosity.

“It was really amazing being there, I feel like I am still flowing on a cloud in Neverland, and don’t have any intention of coming back down!” (Stefanio Chioboli, Italy) 

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You can  meet up with the group in Marrakech and travel together to the desert. Find out more about how to get there.

There’s nowhere like the Sahara – just take a look!

There are limited places available so go ahead and book your retreat!