Things to do in Morocco?

You know, you can organisa a great retreat that changes people’s lives, you can have an amazing location, you can make it cheaper than other retreats in Morocco, but if no one hears about it then none of that matters.

A large part of my work in running the meditation, yoga and dance retreats in the Sahara is about spreading the word. And one way to do that is to check what search terms people put into Google when they’re researching Morocco and try to write a page about those!

Hence: Things to do in Morocco.

Actually, many of the people who come on the retreats in Morocco ask me what things they can do in Marrakech and beyond before and after they come to the Sahara. Truth be told, I never really know what to say to them as I never do things anywhere I go. The sights, the history, the museums have never interested me in 20 years of travelling around the world. When I go somewhere I’m absorbed only by the scenes I see in the street, the unique song of people’s voices, their body language; nothing that fits into the pages of a guide book has ever held much interest for me.

And I never really worry about things to do in Morocco or anywhere else for that matter. To me it seems engaging enough to go for a stroll in the back streets of Marrakech and find something interesting to eat, or watch some kids doing acrobatics against the wall, or a couple of men arguing so furiously you’re sure they’re about to pull knives on each other but instead kiss each other’s cheeks and go on their way..

morocco tourism

It’s a full-time job being a tourist.

I suspect that the people who worry about things to do in Morocco are the same people who talk about ‘doing’ a country. Is a place really to be consumed, spent or done?

On each Sahara retreat we understand how learning about ourselves is a never-ending journey and it follows that the same must be true for understanding and appreciating others. So if you come to Morocco, on the retreat or otherwise, please don’t worry about what to do there. Just open your eyes and ears and heart and take it all in. Morocco is an amazing place.