Summer yoga and meditation retreats in the Sahara?

Not a chance.

The temperatures reach up to the mid 40’s, it’s Ramadan and so everyone is in a bad mood from fasting all day, and the wind picks up the tiny granules of sand and throws them in your face like a sadistic hair drier intent on removing several layers of skin.

sahara desert summer

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the desert

We only make the retreats in the winter to avoid the busier tourist season of autumn and spring, and also because the few scorpions to be found in the desert are fast asleep. When you consider how difficult the conditions are in summer it gives you a whole new level of respect for the Berber nomads who have lived in tents in the desert for generations, looking after their goats and camels, eating nothing but dates until the evening and never knowing the luxury of a shower or bath.

Maybe the Bikram yoga people could be persuaded to make a yoga retreat in the Moroccan summer as they’re used to sweating it out while they make asanas, but we’ll wait until things cool down again before our next retreat (January 17-23, 2016)..