Here are some experiences of people who came on past retreats and you can also take a look at the Facebook group set up for last year’s retreat members to share their thoughts, photos and experiences on the retreat.

Some people have also blogged about it:

Samdani Shaik who grew up in India and now lives in the USA wrote about the 2015 meditation retreat.

Angela Briggs is a therapist from Bristol and she described the week as being with a heart tribe.

Mawaan Rizvan is a comedian from London and he made this video about one particularly light-hearted retreat.

Suzanne Dalgleish is a physicist living in Glasgow and she blogged about the meditation retreat here.

“It was really amazing being there, I feel like I am still flowing on a cloud in NeverLand, and don’t have any intention of coming back down!” (Stefania Chiorboli, Italy)

“Sitting here in my little student apartment watching the rain drops running down my
windows, the Sahara seems really far away – but in my heart my mind the retreat is still very
much present.. I am truly thankful for all the support and love I received and all the hugs and massages, which really gave me energy.

“I loved to join the workshops: for example being guided through a forests of threes made me
feel esteemed, sitting around the fire playing “orchestra” brought tears of laughter in my eyes,
listening to Tom’s stories made me become a dreaming little child, it was great to explore the
space around through aikido and dance, to listen and to sing to beautiful songs, (some of them
I am still sometimes humming), and much more… I loved it to meet all of you, such an
exclusive mixture of different people, and felt so deeply connected everyone and was
flabbergasted that one can live in such a spirit together.” (Caroline Lauppe, Germany)

By the end of this retreat, I had the feeling that everyone was deeply connected with me. The amount of love and caring we shared for a week is something I never experienced before. I now consider the people from retreat as part of my family, and I am sure to reconnect and rekindle our love for each other when we meet next time somewhere on this planet.” (Samdani Shaik, USA)

I reflected on how far I have travelled in my own personal process and was overwhelmed that I could be part of a warm and loving group of people.” (Angela Briggs, UK)

We had the most fantastic, genuine, real characters. I loved SO much that we could experiment with the crazy workshops in full seriousness. I mean, hold your hands together and sing into someone’s spine.. and then 20 minutes later just snap out of it and make the filthiest jokes!” (Irma No, Estonia)

Without any doubt a transformational week: the desert, the group, workshops, rituals, singing, dancing… I loved it! THANK YOU!” (Katharina Wiesner, Austria)

The experience was beautiful. It helped me to open my heart again and confront my fears. Sharing so much with you all is something stamped on my heart now for ever.” (Erika Mancha, Spain)

“The retreat allows you the time and space to pause, reflect, be alone, be with others, reconnect, laugh, sing and marvel at nature….For anyone who’s wondered what it might have been like to live in a simpler time, this Sahara retreat is for you!  In addition, while unplugged from your usual life, you’ll experience the profound effects of an “information detox”. I’ve been twice and I’ll be back.” (Aoife Hegarty, Ireland)

In the evenings we sat around the camp fire, sharing stories and poetry, discussing our reality, singing and dancing,  sleeping under the full moon. We would climb one of the largest dunes for sunset and I would hang off of one side upside down, resulting in the birth of my tribe name, fruit bat. It is difficult to encapsulate the essence of the sun rising into the earth, with the moon setting into the sky, wisps of clouds like waves of an ocean below. It is for these moments that I realise why I love to travel; I yearn to enjoy all that the world has to offer.” (Suzanne Dalgleish, Scotland)

For me the retreat was a fantastic opportunity to explore a vast and alien landscape. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and hunting for these photos was amazing.” (Craig Burrows, Scotland)

“Silence is an abstract feeling. I am sitting here on a sand dune all alone, somewhere outside time and space, with no connection to the outside world, there is only here and now. It’s a magical feeling to be in contact with nature, on natures principles. Accepting the silence and the emptiness and letting go of the control of life, just adapting to what is real, here and now.” (Sarah Markussen, Denmark)

“Once you are ready, The Road Junky retreat calls you, you don’t have to look for it. For me, after this week daily life with job, kids, friends, house, etc continues, but this retreat learned me to look different at these things. For a week, all unnecessary things are gone, and that feels good. No money, no advertising, no electronic, no internet, no credit cards, no phone calls, no emails, no bath, no real bed, no noise…. did not miss anything of that. And imagine what I had in stead of that! But from time to time here in my daily life I really miss the feeling of not missing anything down there!” (Fabrice Knecht, Denmark)

“You can make this whatever you want it to be. For me it was about spirituality, wandering around the desert by myself, surrounding myself with a group of positive people and simply enjoy and admire the beauty of nature.” (Tim Fabian Bartel, Germany)

“You go to the camp, with nothing but You…but what you receive is more than you can carry home.In the desert there is no one who judges you, nothing that puts pressure on you and no distraction of your concentration. The experience is unique and the memories are still so present and make me feel so warm and free.” (Sabrina Harsch, Switzerland)

“You have the sand and the sun and the stars and you realise that when there is nothing else you come face to face with yourself… along with twenty or so similarly marooned companions. It is hot and it is cold and it is unforgettable – and not for the faint-hearted.” (Simon Cole, England)

“The tranquility of the desert is great for a reset of perspective, all my big problems back home shrink to small problems.” (Michael Modin, Sweden)

“I was really overwhelmed by all the love I saw and felt from people I just met and seeing everyone getting so close… that was just WOW!”  (Marie Wemme, Germany)

“The Road Junky Retreat was an experience filled with emotion.  Moments of wonder and curiosity, side by side with awe, and respect, and overflowing joy that erupted in raucous laughter at times and the sweet tears of serenity at others.  Every moment of time that passed in the desert was thick, and rich, and full with life – rejuvenating for the soul.”  (Scott Zielke, USA)

“The perfect balance between activity and tranquility – no pressure to do anything other than what you wanted to do and all in a stunning setting with a great group of groovy dudes!” (Christo McCracken, England)

“An unmissable experience.”  (Mike Alexander, England)

“I don’t know what to write on this point. I could write a whole bunch of good things about fantastic people and a magical desert, but that wouldn’t be sufficient to describe my experience.”  (Naia Plohmann, Denmark)

“A very positive, spiritually in-tune, warmly-social experience. Taking our watches off for five days was definitely a very good idea! It was immensely refreshing to live purely by the sun and the moon.”  (James Stevens, England)