Where to Stay for Cheap in Marrakech?

One of the most common questions we’re asked is ‘where is cheap to stay in Marrakech?’

Many people coming to the retreat don’t consider staying in a hotel as they imagine it would be similar to European prices but a room in a Moroccan hotel can be as cheap as 60 dirhams (about 5 and a half euros).

cheap riad hotel in marrakech

Hotel of your dreams…but perhaps not for 60 dirhams. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sdbj/

Almost everyone ends up finding accommodation around the main square of Jem Ef Na which is the gateway to the medina side streets where you can buy just about anything that’s produced in Morocco (and a lot of things made in China and India, too…), and at night there’s a pop-up restaurant area there with plenty of cheap, tasty food.

There are hundreds of hotels down the many side streets and even if you have a recommendation for a good place to stay it’s pretty hard to actually find it! That said, here are 3 names:

Hotel Mimosa: 80 dirhams for a single, 150 for a double. It has a rooftop where you can watch the sunset (though all the chairs are broken) and there’s a shower with warmish water…

Rainbow Hostel: If you want more of a hostel atmosphere with people being social and chatting and sharing experiences then the Rainbow Hostel might be good for you. Dormitory beds, not sure about the price.

Riad Jnane Mogador: a more luxury option for 30 euros a night but comfortable and well-run even if it has a bit of an annoying website

But as we said before, there are tons of options so you can arrive to Marrakech without a reservation and just walk down some alleyways until you find a hotel that meets your budget and expectations.