The Sahara Retreat in French, German, Spanish and Italian

morocco yoga retreat

It’s one thing to offer something of value, it’s another thing for people to find it. A friend on the last retreat pointed out to me that people tend to search in Google in their own language first, even if they will also search in English. So it was a total no-brainer that the retreat […]

How Rainbow Gatherings Trained Me to Run Retreats

rainbow gathering retreats

For the last 6 years or so I’ve been going to Rainbow Gatherings – autonomous, free-spirited gatherings in nature for a month at a time without electric, alcohol, commerce or anyone in charge. The ‘Rainbow Family’ welcomed me whole-heartedly and whether there were 50 people gathered or 2000, it was always worthwhile tracking down the gatherings […]

Where to Make a Summer Retreat on the Beach?

beach camp

I’ve been looking for a good location for summer meditation retreats or dance retreats for some time now but the trouble is there are just too many people in the world. Just about every little secluded beach has been discovered and developed, or else it’s national park land and we can’t get permission to camp […]

Yoga Retreats in Morocco

morocco yoga retreat

Are there any good yoga retreats in Morocco? Well, we usually run a yoga retreat as well as a meditation retreat in the Sahara each winter but otherwise the only options open are mostly the kind of luxury spa holidays that will use up most of your month’s salary. Yoga itself is pretty much unknown […]

Retreat Under the Stars

star-gazing retreat

I’ve been consulting lunar calendars to decide upon a date for next year’s retreat; normally I choose the week of the full moon because the dunes look amazing in the moonlight and…there’s that much less chance of someone getting lost at night and wandering the desert for hours looking for the camp. But the only […]