Marrakech is the most popular port of arrival these days thanks to the Easyjet and Ryanair flights that get you there from most places in Europe.

Marrakech used to a pretty aggressive place for a traveller to visit but the tourist police have worked hard to create a more tranquil environment and now you can wander through the lanes of the old city market without being hassled too much.

The main attraction in Marrakech is the main square of Jem El Fna which is where all the street acts and storytellers and snake charmers and henna tattoo artists set up shop for the day. Some are there purely to milk the tourists they can grab by the hand, but others are there to entertain Moroccans, too.

At night there’s a big pop-up restaurant area in the middle of the square and before you know it waiters dressed in white will be trying to drag you to sit down and eat at their stalls. There’s a variety of Moroccan food available and the best bet might be the harira soup for 3 dirhams…

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