We can tell you how great the Sahara retreat is but the photos and videos speak for themselves.

Check out the official video one of the yoga retreats:

Here is a video from Ben Vick who came on the 2014 retreat. And here is another! And yet another from the 2017 spring retreat.


The village where we stay for the first night

The village where we stay for the first night

sahara desert camp

Walking out to the camp.

Sahara Desert camp Morocco

This is where we stay.


The sun and moon paint the dunes with their shadows every day.

Camel trip morocco sahara

A camel kiss is a good initiation to the desert but not obligatory..

moroccan desert yoga

You don’t have to climb a dune to make yoga…


You can walk all day every day if you want to and just begin to explore the dunes


We climb the high dune for sunset each day

Thanks to Craig Burrows

Thanks to Craig Burrows for this shot.


And here are some slideshows from previous retreats- the first set of photos until the group photo are from Jesse Anderson and the second half are from Craig Burrows.

Click on the bottom right of the player to make it go fullscreen.
(Thanks to Sarah Markussen and Fabrice Knecht for these!)

And some more…

And Sahara images from the very first retreat in 2011!